Dell Inspiron 15 (1520) Memory

Compatible Products:
Part No: UD1346
Part No: UD1369

 Lifetime Warranty      Guaranteed Compatibility

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System Information

Manufacturer Specifications

Available Expansion: 2 slot(s)
Maximum Memory: Supports up to 4GB

Standard Memory: 1GB, 2GB
Fixed Memory: 0MB

Product Notes

No information is available. Please contact sales if you require further assistance.

How much RAM does my PC have?

Not sure of how many memory slots you have available for a memory upgrade? Using the Upgradeable Memory Scanner Tool you can now check the configuration of your PC's memory without having to open it up.
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Q. There are several products available - what is recommended?

Q. Does the operating system I have affect the Maximum Memory?

Q. How do I install the memory upgrade?

Q. Is installing the memory upgrades in pairs required?

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